Speed Reading Is Easy…

Today’s post is from yet another graduate of my Speed Reading Video Program.

Dear Dr. Marc Dussault,

I want to thank u 4 ur help with studyin and reading fasta… It is actually something dat has really bothered me cuz I know I’m smart but findin da right study type dat fits me has been my challenge. It’s like u said something is trying to bust out of me, that genius in me. I just left secondary school and u know b4 dat my teachers were tellin me dat I could do it cuz dey knew what I waz capable of but as one teacher likened me to the Ntherlands football team “exellent team (players) but low performance”. I know I can do it.

I can be that GENIUS that I was made to be. Thanks 4 ur help sir and I hope to know u physically in the nearest future, I even see myself talking about u and ur work, how it tranformed me on TV, u know interviewing me… . I am in the sciences (aeronautical engineering) like all science, robotics, rc stuffs. C u soon

Onward and Upward YEAH!

Moboluwarin Maku

Isn’t that amazing? You too can learn speed reading and get better grades… Many graduates are not native English Speakers, which means if you are English speaking, you have an adavantage… But y’know what? Speed Reading works in ALL languages!

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