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Frustrated With School?

One of the ironies of the world is that in under developed countries, young people are dying to get to school – in some cases that’s literally true. I don’t want to get on a political soap box because that’s not what this blog is about. Others can do a much better job of promoting that agenda than I can.

I, however, can change the world one student at a time.

If you’re frustrated with school, ask yourself why. I mean really ask yourself the question honestly. Is it because you’re lazy? Tired? Bored? Scared (being bullied)? Not doing as well as you’d like? Not in the popular crowd/group?

Ask yourself the question until YOU KNOW the real reason.

When you do know the absolute real REASON, deal with it.

Deal with it because it’s what’s preventing you from getting the RESULTS you want and dream about.

We’re REASON or we’re RESULTS.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s as complicated as that.

Complicated because UNLESS you’re honest with yourself, you’ll never deal with the #1 obstacle in your path. That means you’ll never achieve your true/ultimate destiny.

That’s enough for you to think about for today, or not.

Most people won’t give much thought, but then again most people (as many as 80% of 8 out 10) end up unhappy in their lives as adults, with regrets.

Regrets that go all the way back to their school days when they KNOW they could have made a shift that would have changed their lives forever.

If only they had know then what they know now.

Well guess what?

You are young enough NOW to make the change.

Make it and I guarantee you that in 20 years from now, you’ll remember this blog post when you meet someone who has regrets and is unhappy. You’ll realise that YOU made the effort when it counted… RIGHT NOW.

And they didn’t.

Don’t be that person — I know too many of them.

Lives lost and ruined because of lack of discipline, self esteem and self worth.

But also pure, sheer laziness and lack of will.

You can achieve ANYTHING you want in life (or school), you just need to WANT IT BAD ENOUGH and then do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen.

I know –

  • I have 5 university degrees, including an Engineering degree, MBA, Law and PhD degrees.
  • I can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 4 minutes
  • I am a top 20 world-ranked squash player
  • I speak 2 languages fluently and understand a 3rd conversationally
  • I retired from the rat race at age 42
  • I’ve been to 36 different countries
  • I’ve had 6 BMWs, 2 of them convertibles
  • I’ve been in the same committed relationship for more than 27 years
  • I haven’t had a sick day in more than 20 years
  • I can speed read 1,800+ words/minute

I’m not superman – I just have great strategies, but most important of all, I have passion and drive to make things happen.

Student Procrastinator

Recently, Ann, a First Year University Student posted this comment on this blog…

Dear Marc Dussault:
I recently purchased your book. It has now been a week and while I agree with a lot of the suggestions in your book, I have yet to start implementing them yet.

I was a procrastinator in high school. Somehow though I managed to succeed enough to well and still get into the Engineering degree of my choice.
However the same methods don’t work anymore in university. University is so different from high school!

Yet for almost the past 5-6 years this is all I have done in order to complete my studies. I understand everything your book says and I appreciate the e-mail tips; I do the exercises and I try to eat well as well as sleep, but still… I just can’t seem to start.

What’s wrong with me? I’ve researched on the net, and apparently there are not only procrastinators but also chronic procrastinators as well. I think I may be one for sure, for I’ve been procrastinating so long I don’t really know what the meaning of “study” is anymore…

I make lists and lists of what I want to achieve. Each time changing and changing the detail or format, and hoping that I will implement it (I tried to start with this technique from your book first). But somehow I just become tired by the large amount of uni work covered in the day or even if I’m not tired I just would rather have fun things to do.

I really want to succeed and do well… that should be enough motivation… but I still can’t keep it up. I did the 8-minute technique and it seemed to work well, that I actually kept going. But the next day, I looked at the same piece of math homework and I could not bring myself to continue doing it. I literally was having a mental argument inside my head for the pros and cons of not doing the homework, that I physically felt like I was actually getting stressed.

Where do I start? And why can’t I stay motivated?

In saying all of this, I have a mathematics exam this Friday…

Sincerely requiring help………….!


First of all, Ann, you’re “owning” the label of procrastinator just a little too seriously – what that means is that you SEE YOURSELF and THINK YOU’RE a procrastinator, which means you’re going to continue to procrastinate. Let’s face it – the label of regular every day LOSER is not enough, you need an even WORSE label… “Chronic Procrastinator!” which is a TOTAL LOSER!

How does that make you feel? Because it’s true – procrastinators, especially chronic ones never achieve anything because they never get anything finished – many don’t even start – LIKE YOU!

How do you feel about being branded a LOSER?

Procrastinator sounds better doesn’t it?!?!

You’re still a LOSER…

UNLESS you are just “doing procrastination”… That means you just slipped and got into a bad habit and are in fact a winner who just slipped up…

Is that it? Are you really a WINNER who just had a lapse of judgment and discipline?

Or are you really a LOSER? If you are a LOSER, good riddance, I have no time for you – seriously.

If however you are a WINNER who just lost her way – watch this YouTube video for the cure to procrastination – it works even better for CHRONIC PROCRASTINATION!

Now seriously, how do you “Stop It!” ???

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Getting Better Grades Is About Self Mastery

Today, Nick shares with us some of his challenges that will help you to see that you’re not alone. We all do this to some extent. Self Mastery is about controlling our emotions. My study book is about relieving the pressure and stress of studying so that you don’t put yourself in a pressure cooker.

Read Nick’s e-mail below and my response that follows.


Hey Dr. Dussault,

I understand where you’re coming from and I deeply appreciate your concern for me in reaching my full potential.

Ever since I was little, I was the reader who struggled to Excel on standardized tests and to comprehend books. I always felt like I was the slowest reader in the class, as it continues to be a great insecurity of mine.

I also tend to beat myself down when I don’t succeed at say playing sports, improving my reading and grades, etc. But when I look at myself now, I have a 4.0 GPA in high school right now and I’m also a starter on a premier soccer club. Why am I always beating myself up?

This was why I bought your speed reading videos. I was so frustrated with the reading course I was taking at home, that I wanted to try yours. However, like you said, things takes time.


P.S. In regards to your study book, my goal is primarily to become more efficient with my studies, since I procrastinate like you cannot believe. However, I have seen only a slight improvement because I keep going back to my old ways and having trouble following through with your techniques. As you said, It’s not easy, but I am up for the challenge and will continue to strive “onward and upward”.

First of all, Nick is being VERY honest and forthcoming. That is the first thing you have to do to be a great student – well great at anything – it’s to be self-aware. Know yourself so you know what you’re trying to improve.

One of the things Nick MUST stop using is the LABEL of procrastinator. if you see, hear and feel yourself as a procrastinator, you will remain one. Instead, whenever you say that word to yourself, INSTANT correct yourself and say “No, I am an action taker who is taking control of my life and destiny.”

I know it sounds childish – just try it and trust the process.

The next suggestion I have for Nick is to stop beating himself up, but to REWARD his victories and accomplishments.

I recently won a Silver Medal at the 2009 Australian Masters Games in Squash. To celebrate, I posted it on my Personal Mastery Blog, and at a recent event I actually brought my Silver Medal to show my clients who supported me. It was fun, but it also felt good to SHARE the victory with them.

We all need to celebrate the victories.

Holding ourselves to a higher standard does NOT mean you have to beat yourself up or down. Others will do that to you.

You need to keep yourself MOTIVATED and EXCITED.

So, Stop It! <— Click here to watch a funny video.

How To Reduce Study Stress

Today’s post is simple, but something that can IMMEDIATELY reduce your tendency to procrastinate therefore reducing the stress and pressure you feel about studying or NOT studying when you know you should be. We all procrastinate, but straight A students do it less and therefore get better grades, yes with less effort.

I explain the underlying strategies this post is based on in my book “Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort“. If you haven’t yet purchased it, you really should. The title says it all and it’s a real bargain.

A Tip To Overcome Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination requires that you KNOW WHY you’re procrastinating. One of the top reasons is that you MAGNIFY a problem or TO DO item on your list automatically, without knowing it. You make it bigger than it actually is.

I’ll prove it to you.

  • Make a list of 10 things you need to do this/next week for school.
  • Make a SECOND list of 10 things you DID last week studying.

Compare the two lists. I guarantee you that your TO DO list for this/next week looks like MORE, HARDER, LONGER TO DO than your previous week’s list even though it is similar.

Am I right?

Just like a side rear view mirror on a car, your problems and to do list items appear bigger than they really are.

How do you get around this?


Chunk down your to dos into EASY, DIGESTIBLE PIECES… You know the joke “How do you eat an elephant? … One bite at a time”. I explain this in more detail in my book, but for right now, make a list like the one below and see how it feels to chunk it down.

  • Study for Physics, can be broken down to
    • Rearrange my lab reports, class notes and other documents so they are all in one place
    • Read Chapters 16, 17 and 18
    • Highlight the chapters or extract the key points
    • Research last week’s lab subject to better understand it for the exam
    • Review last year’s midterm exam question on this content so I don’t pile it up before the midterm
    • Re-write my notes and or add to my MindMap
    • Keep my physical desktop clean with ONLY what I am studying
    • Remove unnecessary trinkets and paperweights on my desk
    • Straighten out my books so the bookshelf looks neat
    • Dust, clean or wash my desk/table
      • [Note: Having a clutter-free study space is VERY IMPORTANT! Plan to clean and keep it clean. Want some useful tips, go to www.HomeDeclutterAndFun.com!]

You get the picture. The thing is UNLESS you deal with this magnification problem, you’ll keep hesitating and procrastinating about things you really to study. You can’t get top grades unless you do what needs to be done. By making things look SMALLER, EASIER, QUICKER to do, you’ll get MORE done, yes, with LESS effort, but more importantly you’ll get more confidence and your stress levels will go down – WAY DOWN.

Just remember you are the one HOLDING the magnifying glass!