Tweets – they might prevent you from getting into college

If you read my other blogs, you know I am not a fan of social media, including Twitter and Facebook. It isn’t just because I think they are an incredible waste of time, but primarily because of the privacy violation aspects. You can about that on my Internet Marketing Blog and search for Privacy Pirates to learn more

Since this blog is focused on students, you should read this New York Times article on the cost of students tweeting indiscriminately. It could prevent you from getting into the college you want.

I always tell people – if you don’t want your tweet on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper – don’t do it!




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  • DR Richard Muccillo

    I believe those people who pry into things like this should be sued for invasion of privacy–whatever happened to freedom of speech and our constitutional amendments–is this still not america or is it aremica!

    That a student should be accepted or denied on the basis of her grades — not some remarks expressing her opinions — if she made libelous or slanderous remarks against someone then they can bring a lawsuit against her in a court of law — but this should never have anything to do with her acceptance — I think students are wasting their time with all the social bs they do online — same with texting and cell phones to say nothing of the threat of radiation from an unprotected phone — whatever happened to just going to parties for social interaction?!?!?! People are getting dumb and dumber!

    • I totally agree. Overall, most students struggle with getting MORE benefits than drawbacks from new technologies. I am doing my part in trying to save them from themselves, but I feel it’s a losing battle – the tide is just too strong for MOST students to resist.

      The GREAT NEWS is that THOSE who don’t get sucked into the Vortex Of Mediocrity will rise and shine above and beyond so easily – JUST BECAUSE so many of their classmates have been bogged down with this stuff.

      Onward and upward!

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