Why most students struggle in school

Simply stated, most students struggle in school because they don’t know how they learn, In Chapter 1 of my worldwide bestselling study book, I explain step-by-step how you can determine what learning style you have so you can stop wasting countless hours staring at your books, frustrated because nothing’s making sense and you can’t remember anything you tried to memorise the previous day.

If you don’t know HOW you learn, you’ll keep struggling in school. Knowing your learning style can be a life-changing revelation.

Let me put it this way – if you’re one of these styles and you don’t know it, chances are, if you’ve just started high school, you probably won’t make it to college.

If you do get to college, you’ll get kicked out within the first year.

Not because you’re dumb, but because you weren’t smart enough to learn HOW you learn.

I know how harsh this sounds, but it’s better that I tell you the truth NOW when you have a chance to fix the problem once and for all.

2 Responses to “Why most students struggle in school”

  • This perfectly describes my little sister. I will send this link to my mother immediately. Hopefully she can learn how to better learn. Why isn’t this something people are more aware of? It seems silly to keep kids from their potential by not focussing on the real problems. I am glad you are here to try and do what you can about it.

  • The valedictorian of my high school dropped out of college her first year when she realized that what has made her successful in high school was causing her to fail in college. It was very sad for her. She has since figured things out and come back on top, but it was a HUGE lesson for her.

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