Bad study habits – you need to change them

We all have bad habits, but bad study habits can kill your grades faster than anything else. I could go on and on, but you know what I’m talking about.

  • Procrastinating, putting things off until the last minute.
  • Not paying attention in class.
  • Not doing the reading (at all let alone BEFORE the lecture).
  • Trying to learn everything on your own without a MasterMind Group.
  • Not taking enough notes.
  • Reading slowly when you know you could learn speed reading.
  • Getting stressed during exams and tests.

Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

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  • Hey Marc,

    I wanted to become an affiliate & purchase via Clickbank. But staff at Clickbank said I cannot purchase your product via my Clickbank hoplink, if I do so, they would terminate my account.
    I thought you said we are allowed to purchase your product via our own hoplink? Maybe you can give Clickbank your permission to allow us to purchase your product via our hoplinks?

    Anyway I just purchased your study guide & speed learning video, via your link. I will purchase the speed reading video progran tomorrow. Is it possible to make the speed learning videos in downloadable format? I can’t download them off the website, and it takes a lot of bandwidth when I watch them online, and I prefer to watch them twice or thrice until I get it.

    Also, using your techniques is it possible to catch up on my courses which are 4 weeks behind?

    I went through a major procrastination period and need to catch up to maintain steady A grades for my scholarship.

    • Hi Michael,
      I’m sorry but ClickBank is right – you have to purchase the product first and cannot use your own account to buy products. This is done to protect the affiliate relationship.

      As for your study situation and needing to cram four weeks of slacking off, what are the courses you’re studying – maybe I can help with specific ideas.

      First of all, start with my 5 Minutes From Panic To Passing Tomorrow’s Exam video – that is included with my study book, then ask me specific questions that I can address separately.

  • I am doing 5 papers this semester. 2 Engineering term papers & 3 business term papers. I am doing a dual degree.

    I’m fine with the engineering papers it’s pretty straight forward, but with business papers it’s a whole different game.

    There’s a lot of reading and plenty of lingo and theory to memorize.

    I will go through your speed learning and speed reading videos now.

    By the way, is it possible to make the videos downloadable?

    • Unfortunately, the videos are not downloadable due to copyright protection concerns and DVDs are too expensive to manufacture and ship in small quantities (not enough people want to pay for them).

      If the situation changes, we’ll let you know.

      As for your reading for your business papers – you will find Speed Reading is ideal – what I suggest you do is read as fast as you can, don’t worry about the lingo, terms and definitions – trust that AS YOU READ, your brain will start to understand the ‘new language’ and you won’t have to take as many notes afterwards. Most textbooks repeat the same words and definitions different ways, using case studies and examples. By the time you reach the end of the chapter or article you’ll notice that it all makes a lot more sense than when you started. When you do your REVIEW or when you EXTRACT the content you need for your term paper, that’s when you highlight and take notes.

      Give it a try and let me know hoe it goes!

  • Marc, Chapter 4 is the core of your study book. I went through the book, in regards to peak performance, if the weather is cold I don’t study well.

    In warm weather sometimes I can focus in the morning and sometimes in the late night around 9pm-11pm. So peak performance will be on average 3 hrs. But how is 3hrs per day enough to get through 5 papers?

    I plan to study my engineering papers between class breaks/lunch & leave the business papers to study during the times that brings out my peak performance.

    I use anchoring also. When I am low on energy or can’t focus, I usually think back to the situation/environment I was in, where I was able to have laser sharp focus.

    After thinking back I usually notice a slight change and become focused BUT not to the magnitude of being laser sharp focus.

    But unfortunately the change doesn’t last for too long, it lasts for 15-20 minutes.

    So how do I ensure that my level of focus lasts for an extended period of time?

    • Michael,
      First of all, your peak performance times to study will vary from week to week and of course season to season – the key aspect is to gauge and monitor your study patterns and habits and fine tune them to your benefit. That means adapting as the year progresses. It will also be affected by your (lack of ) sleep patterns.

      That means you just need to switch things around when you are alert versus less alert.

      Peak performance is the ultimate goal, but if you still have swings in your attention and concentration, you might want to look at nutritional and fitness improvements. One of the reasons I can out-perform my peers is because I have always been fit and healthy so that I have stamina and endurance.

      The last point I want to make about your study habits is that an anchor is a concept I learned from Tony Robbins – I suggest you buy his best selling book – Awaken The Giant Within – it will teach you how to CREATE a PEAK PERFORMANCE STATE using anchors. What you’re doing is VISUALISING a positive past experience, that’s not the same thing.

      Good luck and keep me (us all) posted on your progress and successes! You now have hundreds of readers cheering for you!!!

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