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If you’re a regular reader or subscribe to this study tips blog, you know about antimimeticisomorphism which is how you can get the best grades with the least amount of effort.

That being said, antimimeticisomorphism is about doing out-of-the-ordinary things to get extra-ordinary results – like Duolingo.com – a web service that allows you to learn a new language for free in exchange for your lessons and exercises in translating the Internet’s content. It’s a win-win proposition.

Have a look at this short video and you’ll be amazed how you can learn a new language quickly – for free!

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  • would like to sign up for this! very interesting!

  • Definitely a great idea. This is a great example of leverage where you get a lot of people providing a little bit each and you get a massive outcome.

    In “Rainbows End” Vernor Vinge explores the idea of using the Internet to allow 100K plus people to all work on a project at the same time. That level of leverage and focus also produces synergy and allows the solution of problems that used to be too hard or require to much exploration of the subject matter.

    We certainly need to be expanding the knowledge domain and real problems and real material to work with always is better than rote examples. This could also provide one way around the dilema where Modern Economies Need Manufacturing to maintain knowledge discovery but most of them are divesting it.

    Now I would really like to think of a way to leverage this sort of connectiveness to create better products.

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  • Truly a remarkable Idea, Can’t wait to try it, infact I’m on the website right now

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