Studying Maths Doesn’t Involve Reading, But Doing!

How To Study Math, Math Anxiety, Math ExamsMaureen recently sent in a question:

Hi Dr. Marc,
I just bumped into  your website because we are having our thesis and our topic is about memory enhancers but when I see your blog posts I see that studying can be easy each in our own ways…. My problem is I love reading books and I can read a book of 128 pages within 2 hrs without distraction. How can I be interested in other subjects that are not related to reading?

Because I have difficulty studying math and memorizing.

Maureen M.

First of all, problem-solving subjects like Math, Chemistry and Physics require DOING more than READING. It might help you to read about mathematicians to get immersed in the beauty, elegance and the wonder of science, but you can’t avoid DOING math, chemistry or physics by solving problems.

The best advice is in my study book so you can assess HOW you learn so that you can apply that to math as well as your other subjects.

One way to get better grades in math and other problem-solving subjects is to study in groups with each member working on a different type or format of a problem and sharing the problem-solving process with the group.

That way you can learn more quickly. Ideally, you create a Study MasterMind Group.

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  • Proper grammar doesn’t “involving” writing, but proof reading!

  • Great advice Marc.

    As an Engineer, solving problems was the best way to come to grips with theory on engineering. I was a keen musician and so designed and built my own amplifiers and guitar effects equipment while I was at university and this helped a lot when it came to understanding what the theory meant.

    I think a similar thing applies to writing software. Learning the syntax of a programming language is important, as well as design concepts, but you can’t know how to program unless you do some programming and this requires not just the rote examples used in textbooks but also solving some real problems yourself.

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