Speed Reading Tips Revealed

Speed Reading is a skill that will help you get better grades with the least amount of effort – GUARANTEED.

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One of my ‘students’, Nahyan asked me two great questions:

1) How do I increase focus/comprehension? I am learning as I read, but not to the level I want.

As I mentioned in the previous post, you need to give yourself time to ‘catch up’ to your new reading speed. Be patient but persistent. Depending on your rate of increase in reading speed and WHAT you are reading your results WILL vary. The good news is that you are improving AS FAST AS YOU CAN. When I learnt to speed read, I was reading both BUSINESS BOOKS as well as novels so that I had some variety. Obviously there is little to understand in a novel so that is when I picked up the pace and read as quickly as possible. When I got to the business books (my MBA courses), I was able to speed right through all the ‘fluff’ and slow down when it got technical.

The point is that even when you slow down, you’re reading WAY FASTER than you did previously. That’s the hard part for you to recognise on your own – UNLESS you track and monitor your progress. If you remember how many hours you previously needed to read a chapter of a textbook and now you can do it in half the time, that is a HUGE improvement…

The point being YOU need to track your own progress.

I do accept that understanding and comprehension are intangible and therefore harder to quantify. What I can tell you is that IF you are not sure you’re understanding it all, ask yourself questions like “What did I just read? What does what I just read mean in the context of this situation? How does what I just read relate to the first part of the chapter?” If you can answer those questions – move on.

If you feel you’re not understanding enough, ONCE you’ve speed read a chapter or section, go back and HIGHLIGHT the parts you think are most important. Do NOT highlight the first time you speed read. GO BACK and HIGHLIGHT afterwards. This means you now have SPEED READ IT ONCE AND  REVIEWED IT A SECOND TIME.

If you don’t understand it this second time – it has nothing to do with speed reading – you just don’t understand the material. If you don’t understand the material – pick up another book or Google the subject to get a DIFFERENT explanation from another perspective…

2) What is the best position for the book to be in? Flat on a table, have it slanted upwards so my neck is not so bent, hold it more in front of my face? I don’t how clear that is…

This is a great question – place the book in whatever position is most comfortable to you. It’s all about being ‘in the zone’ and reading as fast as you can. It can be flat on the table, on your lap, straight or tilted. Whatever works for you best is the way to hold it.

I find it all depends on where I am, how focused and alert I am. This is all about MAXIMISING your speed and being COMFORTABLE.

I hope this helps you reader faster and understand more of what you read. Speed reading is a gradual process and improves with time – if you stick with it.

Once you’ve reached a certain point, you will never go back to reading slowly. That point is different for each person.

This is NOT a race, it’s a skill you want to master to save as much time as you can. Don’t be worried about your words per minute all the time – let the progress happen – it will…


That means you can only read faster!

Onward and upward!


In most cases when people tell me they don’t remember or understand something it’s because they are focused on the SPEED and not READING or they are distracted with other things – either not concentrating or physical distractions are putting them off.

Make sure you SPEED READ in an environment that is comfortable for you. If it helps you to listen to music, then put on your iPod headphones and have music on. I mostly prefer to have classical or instrumental music without words to remove any ‘unexpected’ noises in the background. At other times, I put in ear plugs like the ones that you wear on planes to drown out as much noise as possible (especially on planes when someone next to me is talking!)… At other times I am focused enough that it doesn’t matter.

Think of it this way – when you READ SLOWLY – the same interruptions and distractions exist. It’s just that at twice or three times the SPEED, the cost of those interruptions are more costly!

That’s when you know this is working – when you KNOW you could go faster!


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