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How To Study For Exams

Today’s post is a funny diagram that begs the question “How should you study for exams?” In my study book, I explain this in Chapter 8 How to determine what will be on your next exam and Chapter 9 How to ace exams each and every time. Click on the hyperlinks to get your copy of my study book now, otherwise this chart will unfortunately continue to represent the stress of taking exams.

How Not To Study For Exams

How Not To Study For Exams

This was sent to me by Andrew Powell in Montreal, Canada. If you come across diagrams, charts or illustrations like these – please send them to me and I’ll make sure everyone knows you sent it to me. Don’t forget that my study book has been sold to thousands of students from all over the world representing 29 different countries!

Ace your next exam by solving it in advance!

I am including another testimonial from Andrés who lives in beautiful Costa Rica because I think he adds a very personal perspective to the process of Getting Better Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort that will inspire and motivate you.

My grades have gone up and are still going up with very little extra effort. The thing is that I caught it right on the edge and believed I was doing the right thing from the beginning. I have no doubt that doing what I did at the very end of the semester could help me if I apply it at the beginning of the semester. It’s exactly what you say in your book just that you have to practice like you had the test that same week.. for a couple of weeks and don’t stress by trying to do it all at once.

Once you have a system you can use it in the exam and since you have practiced many times  you can check with your teacher to remove any mistakes before the exam. That’s where I lost  points in my exam, that I could have prevented.

From extremely low marks on my university test grades I have gotten back on track with some incredible success. Why is it that once you actually think that you are doing something productive and it is extremely beneficial it ends up being not so great after all?

It’s hard to get out of old habits and I will still be giving it all my effort. This has been a life-changing experience that takes me to a new breath of life above my own frustration. There are unlimited possibilities but limited time to find them. I believe it is not until you’re put to test that a door opens for you. The answer is that you live within your world of thoughts and experiences. Nobody perceives it like you do or thinks what you think.

Andrés Acosta Egea
Costa Rica

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault


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