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Mature Students Going Back To School

Today’s post is from Marian, a mature student going back to you to reinvigorate her career…

I went back to school as a mature student TWICE – the first time to complete my MBA and Ph.D., then +/- 10 years later for my Law Degree. Going BACK to school has its challenges – competing with younger students is one of them!


Hi Dr. Marc,
You are very Welcome!

I’m not a young person or middle age, in fact I’m a senior citizen returning
to college to begin a new career. My reason for taking this course is that
I’m not savvy with the different learning techniques of today and I really
need help studying. It’s a real challenge for me beginning a new career, and
learning computer technology. I am going to review your book and hopefully
retain what I read.

Thank you.



Some of the suggestions I can make to ease the transition is to: