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The 80/20 Rule For Students

The Pareto Principle also called the 80/20 rule is one of the most powerful study techniques I teach in my study book. Simply put, success in school is about knowing WHAT to study and WHEN. In my study book, I combine that with a concept from the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People that takes away all the guesswork for you. It’s priceless to any student stressed about about exams, lab reports, quizzes and term papers.

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Mature Student Needs Good Study Habits To Get Better Grades

Today’s post is from Thanh who is challenged with focus and concentration when sitting down to studying – a common problem a lot of students have – bad study habits. First, let’s hear from Thanh…

I am not a young person, I am 53 year old, ambitious, hard working, good character, honest, responsible…I took a course more than two year ( Life Licence Qualification Program) I try, it try but I keep failing. I saw your program online, I ordered, hopefully it could help me to pass the exam. In present time, the job I have seems not secure any more. I wish to have to have the certificate to persue a new career. Would you advise the solution to affect my study? I work from 6am and be home at 6pm after home I prepare my own food, when I sit down to concentrate on the book, I feel like sleeping. But I watching TV or online reading I was awake. Sound like I am lazy, am I? Thank you for your concern.

Good Study Habit #1: Preparing properly

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